About Us

We are Eni and Greg, a couple living in NYC who loves spending time with each other. Me, making candles and Greg photographing them. We always wanted to work on something that both will make us happy, creative and fortunately the dream became true and this thank to all of you who support our page and love our candles.

Our hand poured, natural soy wax candles are made and photographed in our studio in NYC. We greatly enjoy making them, using antique tea cups we collect and buy from all over the world. We also are adding new and modern cups and jars to our collection.

We both have traveled a lot and have lived in many different countries. It’s our desire to bring those experiences of fragrances and color to our candles. We search for vintage tea cups from all over the world and combine the unique and  different scents from flowers that will make you feel like you are part of the Alhambra garden in Spain or in fields of lavender in Provence France, and transport you to different levels of relaxation.


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